Friday, March 26, 2010

Maysun Describes Our Trip To The Farm

At Ambury Farm the pig had short legs and the piglets had beady eyes. After that we saw Bella the horse. She had a long nose and a muscly body. We brushed Bella and she had long legs and she had long, strong legs. Bella had long hair. Next we saw the sheep. The sheep had curly wool and the sheep had short legs. The sheep had pink ears. The sheep had white faces. After the sheep we went to see the chickens. They had sharp claws and the chickens had sharp beaks. The chickens were pecking. I patted the chickens and the chickens peaked my hand. The feathers feel soft.


Miss Burne said...
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Miss Burne said...

I really like your picture of the pig that you made in Kidpix Maysun. You are getting really good!

Syris and Jack said...

Hi Maysun,
we think that's a very good pig. It is very realistic. We love the way you did the curly tail.
From Syris and Jack in Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

Maysun said...

Maysun's reflection:

I like my story because I remember my capital letters. I used interesting words like beady eyes and curly tails.

I can make it better by writing longer story.


Jayden P said...

Hi Maysun its me Jayden that story was very interesting.I've been to a farm I saw a sheep a pig I saw lots of thing.I like your picture. Keep up the good work.