Friday, March 26, 2010

Jordenne Went To A Farm


Crusader said...

Hi Jordenne
I really like your story and the clever words that you put in it.What did it feel like brushing the horses?I would really like to go to Ambury Farm because it looks really cool.Keep up the good work.


mummy said...

Hi Jojo
It sounds like you had a cool time at the farm with all the different animals. We like how you put together your story - good girl! We hope that you get to go to the farm again.
Love you
Mummy and Daddy

Mr Eames said...

Great reading Jordenne. lovely story!
Thanks! (Mr Eames, Teacher in Wellington)

jordenne said...

My Reflection:

I think I need to speak louder so people can hear me. I also want to make my story longer.


Chyna said...

Hi Jordenne

I like your story because the piglets have beady eyes and you talked about it.