Friday, March 26, 2010

Lizara Wants A Baby Piglet

At Ambury Farm the piglets had beady eyes and floopy ears.
The mother had milk in her. The pig had short stumpy legs
and it has a hairy back. After that we saw Bella the horse. She
had a long nose and a long tail. Bella had long legs. We brushed
the horse and she had hooves like dinner plates. Next we saw the
sheep. The sheep had pink ears. It had dirty hooves with white wool.
We fed the sheep and it tickled my hand. After the sheep we went
to see the chickens. They had soft feathers and when we fed the chickens the chickens bit me. The mother had lots of baby chickens. I really like Ambury Farm because I like the piglets and I wish I had a little baby piglet.


Miss Burne said...

Lizara I really enjoyed reading your story. You did a really good job of describing the animals. I can see them in my head. Well done and keep up the good work.

Lizara said...

Lizara's Reflection
I like my story because I used interesting words like 'beady eyes and floopy ears.. I also like Ambury Farm because it has a lot of animals.