Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peh So's first Picture

Peh So has been working hard in class and has made his first picture using KidPix it is a self portrait.
Well done Peh So it looks great.

Shirqueras Erupting Volcano

Shirquera has shown that she understands how a volcano works
by creating this animation.

Tevita's Volcano Explodes!

Tevita has been learning about how a volcano erupts.
He has made this animation to show what happens.

Rowana's Volcano Erupts

Rowana has created this animation of a volcano erupting to
show that she understands how a volcano works.

Monday, June 28, 2010

PJ's Animation

PJ has been learning about what makes a volcano erupt.
He has made this animation which shows how a volcano

Maysun's Volcano Animation

Maysun explains how a volcano works through his animation.
Watch and see

Jordenne Volcano animation

This is Jordenne's first animation using kidpix and movie maker.
Watch and see what a great job she has done explaining how a
volcano works.

Jessica's Volcano Animation

Jessica has made an animation which shows how a volcano works.
Watch and see.

Jalen Understands How A Volcano Works.

Jalen has made this animation to show that he understands how
a volcano works.

Antonia's Volcano Animation

Antonia has made an animation which shows us that she understands
how a volcano works.

Great job Antonia!

Jalen Thinks Mt Wellington Is Big

On Thursday we went to Mt Wellington on a bus ride. I looked out the window. Next we had to left and right. We had to go up Mt Wellington it looked big. When we got up Mt Wellington we had morning tea.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome Peh So

Room 8 are very happy to welcome another new student

Peh So!

Peh So has made his first movie for our blog. In his movie he tells
us a little about himself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lizara Enjoyed The Volcano Cake

PJ Writes About The Volcano Cake

Volcano Cake

There was a birthday in Room 8 on Friday and the class had a small party to celebrate.
Miss Burne made a birthday cake which looked like a volcano.
Here it is...

Thanks to Tui, Huelo-ata and Jessica for their help with the party.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Room 8 Has A New Student!

Welcome to Room 8 Asaeli!
We hope you enjoyed your first day at Pt England School.

Asaeli has made his first imovie to tell us a bit about himself.
Watch it to find out more.

Remember to say hello to him on the playground Pt England
and help him feel welcome in our school.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Races on Mt Wellington

Antonia and Paula have a race on Mt Wellington.
Watch and see..

Room 8 Visits A Volcano!

Room 8 have been on a school trip to a real life volcano! We pretended that we were volcanologists and visited a volcano called Mt Wellington. Mt Wellington is one of the 50 volcanoes that are in Auckland, New Zealand.

We went by bus to the base of Mt Wellington and then we had to climb to the top. It was very steep. From the top we could see lots of other volcanoes around the Auckland area, like One Tree Hill and Rangitoto .

We walked around the crater and looked for scoria (volcanic rock).

While we were there we did lots of drawings of the crater and the volcanoes that we could see.

It was a great day. Take a look at our photos and see.

Kefu Volcano Animation

Lizara's Volcano Animation

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rebekah's Volcano Animation

Room 8 Animations

Room 8 have been learning how to animate in Kidpix. They have created an
animation of how a volcano erupts. Over the next few weeks the children will be posting their animations the blog. We hope you enjoy them.