Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taunese writes about our Olympic Assembly

This is Taunese's first story that she has written and shared via our ipad.

Early Monday morning Pt England students went to the chilly school hall. It was immersion assembly and the topic for Term Three was the Olympics.

Team three was my favorite because when Lights  out Lavakula did her powerful punch to Boogaloo Barks and he fell on the stage, he stumbled to his feet and ran away with fear. Did you know,that this year women are allowed to box in the Olympics and that it is held in London?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Foggy Morning : Colaborative Writing by Liz and Elizabeth

Liz and Elizabeth have worked together on our IPad to write about the weather this morning.

 The glittery sun was breaking through the fog while the shivering seagulls were looking for some food on the icy green grass. I looked out the window and I saw the trees invisible like a ghost it was wet and damp and I saw dark shadows all around me. When I saw walking I breath in and out I saw smoke cameing out of my mouth. If I looked at the sun my eyes was squint it was hard to see the invisible trees in the fog, but at ten oclock the sun came out and finally the fog went away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suli Shares Via Our Ipad About His Holiday

On Tuesday my Mum took me to the movies at Sylvia Park to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.When the lights went out I was excited, it was really dark.When the movie came on I asked my Mum for some money so I can buy an ice cream.When I came back I forgot where I was sitting so I had to look for my Mum.When I found her I had to use my manners to get through the people and back to my seat.When I got back to my seat I said "Finally"!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collaborative Writing On Our Ipad

This  artwork  is made by Room Twenty and it was inspired by  Fatu Feu'u.Room 20 has added a lot  of detail in this lovely artwork. Room 20 copied this artwork for the Point England art exabition.Room 20 has been doing this artwork for along time because it is so pretty and beautiful.

This artwork is the best artwork I've seen in the exhibition. The artwork has lot's of feather's and colour, has pretty hearts on it and it has a waka on it.We took this photo because it had a lot of gourgous colours and detail,it made me want to take this wonderful photo . We should sell this lovely artwork for $20 because it is so beautiful.

This artwork is the best artwork I've ever seen in my life I think Room 20 has been working for a really longtime .I think that Room 20 was having a great time making this artwork and they have worked very hard on this lovely beautiful artwork.

Writing Via Our Ipad About Shawn's Artwork

Room Ten have been using our ipads to write. We have been writing using the app Evernote. First we take a picture to inspire us, then we colaborate to write our story, after that we record our story it to hear how it sounds and help us edit. Then we email it to our Teacher to post on our blog. The following description is by Adriel and Omari.
Shawn likes to go around with his dad in his truck. He made this artwork for the school art exhibition.Omari and I thinks that Shawn's art work is fantastic.
The dark colors make me sad like a raining day.The truck looks stormy and dark.The truck looks cool with flames on its trailer. The wheels look like their going to pop from the heat of the red flames.
When I look at the truck it looks like its on fire at the back.The truck of the tree looks like it is on fire. The road looks like stones filled up with cheese.
Omari and I think it is the best in the school art exhibition.We thought this artwork is going in a famous New Zealand art gallery.I was inspired by Shawns truck that he drew.I think that he will be a good artist some day just like Mondrian.I am a big fan of Shawn's work, his art makes me smile all the time I see his work on the wall in the art exhibition.I hope when he grows up he becomes an artist.I hope he has a huge studio to make heaps of art.
Adriel, Shawn and Omari

Monday, July 16, 2012

Term 3 Begins

Term 3 has began with an amazing Assembly by our talented teachers. Well done Pt England.
Our Inquiry this term will be the 2012 Olympic games. We will be supporting New Zealand 'Going for gold' and learning all about the Olympic games. As always we look forward to sharing our work with all our readers.

Friday, July 13, 2012

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Planning Our Artwork For The School Art Exhibition

This time lapse movie shows our planning process for the final display of our artwork for the school art exhibition.

Artwork Inspired By Rueben Paterson

At our visit to the Auckland Art Gallery Room Ten were inspired by the work of Rueben Paterson. We loved his glittered artwork "Whakapapa, get down on your knees" and wanted to make our own version.
In our artwork we have each contributed 8 squares which we liked or felt represented ourselves. We have joined these pieces together with our classmates make to the large work which represents our class, Room Ten.
Watch the time lapse video that follows in our next post to see how we joined all our pieces together to make a giant artwork for our Art Exhibition.