Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Writing Via Our Ipad About Shawn's Artwork

Room Ten have been using our ipads to write. We have been writing using the app Evernote. First we take a picture to inspire us, then we colaborate to write our story, after that we record our story it to hear how it sounds and help us edit. Then we email it to our Teacher to post on our blog. The following description is by Adriel and Omari.
Shawn likes to go around with his dad in his truck. He made this artwork for the school art exhibition.Omari and I thinks that Shawn's art work is fantastic.
The dark colors make me sad like a raining day.The truck looks stormy and dark.The truck looks cool with flames on its trailer. The wheels look like their going to pop from the heat of the red flames.
When I look at the truck it looks like its on fire at the back.The truck of the tree looks like it is on fire. The road looks like stones filled up with cheese.
Omari and I think it is the best in the school art exhibition.We thought this artwork is going in a famous New Zealand art gallery.I was inspired by Shawns truck that he drew.I think that he will be a good artist some day just like Mondrian.I am a big fan of Shawn's work, his art makes me smile all the time I see his work on the wall in the art exhibition.I hope when he grows up he becomes an artist.I hope he has a huge studio to make heaps of art.
Adriel, Shawn and Omari


Miss Burne said...

Adriel and Omari,

I was so impressed with how you used the ipad to write and send me your story. You worked really well together to produce a detailed description of Shawn's artwork.

Well done

Anonymous said...

Adriel and Omari,

Fantastic descriptive writing! I liked the way you used adjectives and similes to help make your story sound interesting, it definitely helped me visualize what Shawns artwork looked like before viewing the photo :-) Was very detailed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this awesome painting! great work you two and keep it up :)

Trisse (Adriel's Aunty)