Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collaborative Writing On Our Ipad

This  artwork  is made by Room Twenty and it was inspired by  Fatu Feu'u.Room 20 has added a lot  of detail in this lovely artwork. Room 20 copied this artwork for the Point England art exabition.Room 20 has been doing this artwork for along time because it is so pretty and beautiful.

This artwork is the best artwork I've seen in the exhibition. The artwork has lot's of feather's and colour, has pretty hearts on it and it has a waka on it.We took this photo because it had a lot of gourgous colours and detail,it made me want to take this wonderful photo . We should sell this lovely artwork for $20 because it is so beautiful.

This artwork is the best artwork I've ever seen in my life I think Room 20 has been working for a really longtime .I think that Room 20 was having a great time making this artwork and they have worked very hard on this lovely beautiful artwork.


Miss Burne said...

Well done girls you have worked really well together to write this review of Room Twenties artwork.
Great use of the ipad. I look forward to your next story.

adriel said...

what a great job Amber you have been an a excellent writer on the ipad.
u have a lot of detail in your storie

Tame said...

Hi room10

i like the way how you put heaps of interesting words like inspired Keep up the good work you rock