Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taunese writes about our Olympic Assembly

This is Taunese's first story that she has written and shared via our ipad.

Early Monday morning Pt England students went to the chilly school hall. It was immersion assembly and the topic for Term Three was the Olympics.

Team three was my favorite because when Lights  out Lavakula did her powerful punch to Boogaloo Barks and he fell on the stage, he stumbled to his feet and ran away with fear. Did you know,that this year women are allowed to box in the Olympics and that it is held in London?


Miss Burne said...


you have done a wonderful job writing this story on our ipad and sharing it with the world. Well done.
I like how you described how Mr Barks ran away from Miss Lavakula in fear.

Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Taunese,
What a great piece of writing. I like how you have used descriptive words and paragraphs. You are so clever! I'm really glad that this year women are allowed to enter all sports in the Olympics. Keep up the wonderful work.

From Miss Lavakula