Monday, June 28, 2010

Jordenne Volcano animation

This is Jordenne's first animation using kidpix and movie maker.
Watch and see what a great job she has done explaining how a
volcano works.


Hosannah said...

Hi Jojo I really like your volcano animation, you rockand your even better then me.I can tell what you drew and I know its a volcano,have a great and lovely trip to Tahiti.KEEP IT UP!!! FROM HOSANNAH

Mummy said...

hey bub
What an excellent animation of a volcano. And the picture is cool. It looks like you're learning some really interesting things at school. Keep it up!
Love you Jo
Mummy and Daddy

helen Tui said...

Hey Jojo
Cool animation, I loved your stack that you first created. It looks like your learning even more about these technology. Great job!
From Helen Tui