Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jordan's Weekend


Miss Burne said...


what an amazing story about your weekend.

I like how you started your story in an exciting way by saying you 'I ran to the living room' , it made me want to hear more!

I also like how you started your sentences in different ways and did not use the same word each time.

What did you like about your story Jordan? Is there anything you would like to change?

Asena said...

Hi Jordan,
I like your movie about your weekend
and enjoyed Your movie.In The weekend
I like to go to the pools.

From Asena In Room10

Vivienne said...

Hi Jordan,
I really like your your movie about your weekend. You used good vocab (words). You were speaking clearly and you also used good expression in your movie. Some times I like to go to our aunty place because it is lots of fun. Keep up the great work in class.

mum said...

good work jordan and keep it up.

cheers mum