Thursday, June 10, 2010

Room 8 Visits A Volcano!

Room 8 have been on a school trip to a real life volcano! We pretended that we were volcanologists and visited a volcano called Mt Wellington. Mt Wellington is one of the 50 volcanoes that are in Auckland, New Zealand.

We went by bus to the base of Mt Wellington and then we had to climb to the top. It was very steep. From the top we could see lots of other volcanoes around the Auckland area, like One Tree Hill and Rangitoto .

We walked around the crater and looked for scoria (volcanic rock).

While we were there we did lots of drawings of the crater and the volcanoes that we could see.

It was a great day. Take a look at our photos and see.


room163. said...

Hey room 8
Its Huelo-ata and jessica.
I just wanna say if you had fun.
What kind of volcanoe did you see up there.we wish that we were there.
I hope that you had fun

by jessica and huelo-ata

Asena said...

Hi Room 8,
I like watching your movie about Mt Wellington and I enjoyed your movie. I haven't been there yet.

From Asena In Room10.

Zion said...

WOW! room 8
I liked your trip going to Mt Wellington and nice pictures on there room 8. keep up with your good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 8 I Like your moiv it was great by martha from room 11