Friday, March 26, 2010

Kevine Feeds the Chickens

At Ambury Farm the piglets were little. They were
happy because they had a curly tail. After that we
went to see Bella the horse. She was tall and she
had long legs. Then we went to see the sheep. The
sheep had soft wool. Then we had to feed the sheep. It
was tickling. After the sheep we went to see the
chickens. Then we had to feed them. The chickens had
sharp beaks and soft feathers. when we fed the chicken
it had bit my finger and it had sharp claws.


Miss Burne said...

Kevine, I like how you tell the reader what it feels like when you feed the animals. Great description.
Well done.

Kevine said...

Kevine's Reflection: I like my story because I use interesting words like-Curly tails and long legs.I can make my story better if I write longer story. Kevine.