Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paula Likes Bella The Horse

At Ambury Farm the greedy pig had floppy ears and a curly tail.
After that we went to see Bella the horse. She had a long tail
and strong legs and a long nose. Next we saw the sheep. It had
a white face and pink ears. It had soft wool. After the sheep we went to
the chickens. The chicken had a sharp beak and small legs. At Ambury
Farm I liked the horse because it was big.


Room 14 said...

Hello Paula. We liked your picture and your story. We enjoyed reading about all the animals. Keep up the great work.
Room 14

Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo e lelei Paula. It's good to read your writing here on your class blog. I like the way in which you describe the animals you saw. Writing this way is a good means of helping you draw the animals too. Keep up the good work Paula.
Mrs Tele'a

paula said...

My Reflection:

I think I like my story because I have interesting words like Greedy pig and curly tail.

I think i need a little bit louder.