Friday, April 23, 2010

What did Brooklyn feel?

I put my hand in the box. It felt gross and slippery. I said "Oh".
Then I moved my hand around the box. I felt gunge, it smelt nice
like an apple. When I took my hand out of the box I knew it was Jelly
because it was green and wavy.


Brooklyn said...

Brooklyn's Reflection:

I like my story because I used words like slippery and wavy. I can make my story better by writing longer story.


bookstar said...

Hi Booky, I love looking at your school website with you. I especially love looking at all your stories and pictures. You are so clever. Don't forget to tell all your classmates about our trip up to Mt Eden, where we played eye spy and looked at all the pretty lights because we went up at night time! Not long to go now till you go on a trip to Mt Wellington. I hope the weather is nice for you and all your friends. Love Mummy xx