Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tevita Likes To Brush the Horse

At Ambury Farm the piglets had dusty backs. After that
we saw Bella the horse. She had a long tail and long legs.
Then we brushed her. I like brushing her tail. Next we saw
the sheep. The sheep were warm. After the sheep we went
to see the chickens. They had little chicks. They had sharp beaks.
I really like Ambury Farm because I like to brush the horse.


Room 14 said...

Malo e lelei Tevita. We liked how you described the animals. We enjoyed reading your story. Malo
Room 14

Mary L said...

Hi Tevita

I liked your story because it described all the animals at Ambury Farm. You are a good speller and drawer.

mum said...

Hi my baby u grow up its a very nice pig haha u wish to play soccer i hope u can play my son good luck in the future an be good always.

love mum

Mary L said...

Hi Tevita
I love your picture that you drew.I think that you are the best drawer in your glass.

Tivita said...

Tivita's Reflection:

I think my story is cool because it is about the animals.
I can make my story longer next time!