Friday, April 23, 2010

Antonia Guesses Correctly

I put my hand hand in the big box. I was scared. I felt a creature.
It was gooey. I said to myself "I know what that is, it is jelly and sugar too".
When Miss Burne opened the box I was right and some people were wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antonia

You were very brave to put your hand into a box not knowing what was in there. Lucky it was jelly and sugar haha imagine if it was a creepy crawly or a mouse arghhhh...but that would never happen :) have fun in school Antonia.

Khaias mummy

Anonymous said...

Hi Antonia

Good work I liked your little story you rote.

Antonia said...

Antonia 's Reflection:

I like my story because I used many hard words ( interesting words ) and my teacher thinks it's a good story.