Friday, July 1, 2011

Inspirational Eating

Here in Room Ten we are always looking for activities to inspire our writing. Recently we had a Silly Sandwich Eating Competition which was so much fun!

Here is the movie we made of the competition. We are busy working away in class on them and our stories will be posted on our blog soon.

We hope you enjoy the movie of our competition.


BEM said...

Hello Room 10!

What a fun project and video. When Mrs. Burt talked about all of the great things happening at your school, I had no idea I'd find such a fun Silly Sandwich project. I hope you all wrote about the experience.

It was great learning about your school during the ISTE conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America).

::Bonnie Marks - California

p.s. I used to teach grades 2 & 3 in California, but now I teach teachers and principals all about technology.

Isara said...

I wish I could do blind sandwich eating I would want to be fed by my freind

sisilia said...

Hi room 10 I really like your movie and your music that was cool. this is sisilia.