Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kapow! The Germs Are Gone.

Can Room Ten make soap BETTER? We think so.

Our class have had great fun planning and making soap.
We think that you WILL want to use it!

This movie aired on School TV earlier today and shows our designs and how we made them.
We hope you enjoy it. Write us a comment and tell us which soap would make you
wash your hands.


Mrs. Barks said...

Fabulous Movie room 10! I like the speech bubbles that you added to your backgrounds...very clever! Everyone spoke so nice and clearly too. Your popsicle soaps looked very realistic...made me hungry!

jeryco said...

Hi room10 I like your movie it's awesome! The sope I like is the toy in the sope great work!

marilyn said...

Hay room ten what a great movie how to kill germs. From Marilyn

sean said...

Hi LOUIS it is sean i like how you put interesting words you said and i like your cool hair.