Monday, June 27, 2011


As part of our topic studies we have been thinking about how to make things
Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger.

To help is learn the technology process before we make our soap better so children would want to use it, we decided to practice the process on something else.

We chose Beyblades!


Vivienne said...

Hi room 12,
I LOVED you movie. I especially loved the music. I loved everything in your movie. Those beyblades were pretty. My favourite part was when you were decorating it. Can't wait to see your soap. I wonder who chose beyblades? Anyway keep posting amazing post, and I hope you can come on my blog as well.
P.S I love the chipmunks. Don't You?


Vivienne said...

Hi room 10 again. I am so sorry I called you room 12. Please forgive me? Keep up the great work again.


Miss K said...

I saw Miss Burne setting up all your things for decorating and took a glimpse at some of your plans. I am so happy that now I have seen some of your final products. What a very cool activity you got to do.
Super choice room 10
Miss King

Quasia said...

Hi Room10,
What a alsome movie!And a great choice on your song.Well you did make tings bigger,better,faster,stronger.
Keep up the hard work!Hope you do some more movies!

From Quasia Rm12