Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Room 8 has another new sudent!

Welcome to Sohel!

Look after him Pt England and help him to love Pt England School.



Miss Burne said...

Hi Sohel,

I hope you enjoyed your first day at Pt England School. We loved having you in our class today.

Well done on your first IMovie

Miss Walker said...

Hi Sohel,
What a great first post at Pt England School. I hope you are enjoying being here. What games do you like playing with your cousin?

Jalen said...

Hi Sohel,
Welcome to Pt. England School. I like playing soccer with you. I hope you like it in our class.

Sohel said...

Sohel's reflection:

I can make my story better if I use some interesting and clever words.