Thursday, August 19, 2010

Franks Brother Whiti

My brother Whiti has shaved hair and he is deaf, he can't hear. He has
a rats tail and his eyes are brown.

My brother talks with his hands, it is called sign language. His
favourite game is X-box and he loves to go on the internet. Sometimes
he does the dishes and sometimes he cleans the house. He goes
to Kelston School and he loves going to Dominic's house.

My brother makes me feel angry sometimes and he makes me feel
happy sometimes. He likes to eat all the food and that makes me annoyed.
Sometimes he is kind.


Miss Burne said...

Hi Frank,

thanks for sharing your story with us and for showing us how to sign.

Well done, you have told me different ideas in three paragraphs!

Miss Walker said...

Hi Frank. This is a really interesting post. I love sign language. I used to teach at Kelston and the children I taught were deaf. We used sign language all day. I know Dominic and his sister Vaughn.
Maybe you can teach your class some sign language. You are very clever.

Miss K said...

Wow, you're amazingly clever Frank. How many languages do you know? I bet heaps and heaps. I wish I could sign, but I've never known anybody who could teach me. Maybe you would be able to! :-)

Frank Room 8 said...

Hi Miss Walker,

thanks for your comment. Did you really teach at Kelston? Did you know that Dominic and Vaughn are Antonia's brother and sister?