Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Brother Amos

My big brother Amos has dark hair and a ratstail. He has chubby
checks. He has a big smile.

Amos plays video games. He laughs at my faces. I like to play
with my brother.

My brother Amos makes me feel happy when he cuddles me. I like
him when he likes me. I love him back.


Miss Burne said...

Good work Cowan

you have written a good description of Amos, your words really tell me what he looks like.

You have tried really hard in this story to keep writing all by yourself and to find the words you need.

Keep up the great work.

Vivienne said...

Hi Cowan,
Did you write that by yourself because you did a good description about him. What class is your brother in? Keep up the great work in class. Vivienne

Cowan Room 8 said...

Thank Vivienne for writing to me.
Amos is in Room 18.

Cowan said...

Cowan's reflection:

I like my story because my teacher, Miss Burne likes it. Next time I want to record my story in an imovie.