Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Baby Sister Madison

My baby sister Madison has a tiny rats tail and she has curly hair. She
has brown eyes like me.

My baby sister likes to laugh. She likes to get carried by mum. Madison
stays up at night and she cries. I like to play with my baby sister.

My sister Madison makes me feel happy when she talks to me. I love to cuddle
Madison, when I cuddle her she scratches me. She feels like a Teddy Bear.


Antonia room 8 said...

Hi Jalen

I like how you saod that when Madison cuddles you she can scratch youu, does it hurt?

Inez said...

Hi Jalen,
Wow, I love your story about Madison. I know she loves you too and loves playing with you when you get home from school. I can't wait to read her your story. Keep up the good story writing.

Love mum :) xo