Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Brother Zane

My brothers name is Zane and he is skinny. His skin is brown like
chocolate and has has brown eyes.

My brother likes to play basketball. He likes to shoot the ball
into the hoop. It is exciting.

My brother makes me feel happy when he plays 'Duck, Duck, Goose'
with me. I am proud of my brother when he comes and shows me his book.


Miss Burne said...


what an excellent description of Zane. You have been successful in writing three paragraphs, each with a different idea.

Well done. Keep up the fantastic work.

Mui said...

Wow Zion I really liked the way that you used words that described what your brother is like. Hope to see some morre of your remarkable work.

Mauina said...

Hi their Zion you have a neat piece of writing about Zane I'm sure Zane would be really surprised about the good things you wrote about him.

Miss Walker said...

Hi Zion. I liked your post. I didn't know that Zane was your brother. It is great that he shows you his books and plays games with you. I bet Zane is proud of you too.