Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DJ teaches the class about Garage Band

As part of our literacy cycle Room 8 children publish their written work on the class blog so that it can be read and commented on by an audience. This publishing can be done in many different ways, for example typing the story and creating a movie of the story. This week DJ has been learning how she can publish and reflect on her stories by using the programme GarageBand.

DJ has been teaching the rest of Room 8 how to use GarageBand. She has been showing them how to use it to publish their stories and also to use it to practice reading and to listen to how they sound when they read.


Listen to her great work and her reflection.


Ashlee said...

Cool details about yor brother dj

Aaron Griffin said...

Great Job DJ! My name is Aaron Griffin and I am a student at The Univeristy of South Alabama in Mobile,AL, in EDM 310 and I am glad to see that you enjoy using Garage Band! This is a great and exciting program available to use. I hope you continue using this program and other technology as well! Keep up the good work!