Monday, May 10, 2010

Wheelbarrow Races

Room 8 decided to have some fun. We went to the field
and with a partner made ourselves into the shape of a
wheelbarrow. Then we raced our classmates.
It was so much fun. Watch and see!

We wrote about how much fun we had.
Over the next few days our stories will be posted.
We hope you enjoy them.


Vivienne said...

Hi Room 8,
You were funny because you kept on falling down.I wonder who won?When I was little I used to play with my friends and we would do wheelbarrow races. My favorite part was when some of room 8 fall down.

from Vivienne

Brooklyn said...

Hi room 8,

Wow now that seems like fun and funny to I wish I was there with you. My favorite part was when people kept on failing over. I can't wait to see more of the things that you are doing.

By Brooklyn