Thursday, May 20, 2010

Room 8 Makes A Model Of The Earth

Room 8 makes a model of the earth out of playdough
to help them understand how the earth is made up of


April room 3 Mum & Dad said...

Well done Room 8 the layers of earth are so Beautiful we loved the way you all used such wonderful colours and worked so well as a team,Great work.

Sela said...

Hi Room8,
I liked the your guys layer.It really
does look like an egg.
From Sela Rm10 Point England

Anonymous said...

hi room8 this is enyahlee from room6. i really liked the way you made the earth and showed us what it looks like on the inside. The patterns and colours you used were fantastic!!! Thanks for the great movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi room8. Well done I really loved your models of the earth. It was really nice to see you all enjoying what you were learning. The way you put the different layers together was so carefully done, I saw the pride you put into your work. Keep up the good work. From Shireen, shirquera and enyahlee's mum