Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Room 8 have lots of questions about Volcanoes that
they want to find out the answers to.

We will find out our answers though doing some research over
the next few weeks. Some of the ways we will find out our answers are:

* listening to the teacher
* reading books about volcanoes
* using google to search for our answers and images of volcanoes
* using youtube to watch how volcanoes erupt and work
* speaking to be people who know about volcanoes
* read and listen to other Pt England students blogs to see and hear what they are learning about volcanoes
* watching school TV
* conduct experiments to help us understand how volcanoes work
* draw, create an animation and make a model to hep us understand how volcanoes work

We are going to have lots of fun learning . Please read and watch our upcoming posts and maybe you will learn something new too.

Room 8


Miss Burne said...

Well done Room 8, you have come up with some great questions.
I look forward to helping you find out the answers over the next few weeks.

Sela Room10 @ PT England said...

Hi Room8,
Did you know there are 50 volcanos?I
liked that movie about volcanos Wow!.
From Sela Room10 Point England