Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Volcano Experiment

To understand how a volcano erupts Room 8 have
conducted an experiment.

We recorded our experiment for school TV and are now
sharing it here on our blog.

If you watch our movie and follow the instructions you
could also do this experiement at home or in class.


Asena said...

Hi Room 8,
We like your movie about volcanoes and we liked listening to your song too.

From Asena

ERIC said...

Hi Room8
We like your movie about volcano and listening to your song too.

From Eric in Room10

Dante said...

WOW! room 8 that was a very cool explosion it done. Keep up the good work and try to make some more awesome and fun videos. From Dante.

Tau said...

Hi room 8 was an awesome explosion you guys done that was an awesome movie you done.