Thursday, May 20, 2010

How Are Volcanoes Made

To understand how volcanoes are made we need to know what the earth looks like from the inside.
Jordan has drawn this picture in Kidpix to help us understand what the earth looks like.

The outer layer of the earth is known as the crust.

Under the crust is an intensely hot layer of dense rock called the mantle.

Inside this mantle lies the core, which is made up of an outer layer of liquid metal and a dense inner core of solid metal alloys.

The core is really hot, hotter than anything you know, it can be as high as 5000oC.

Heating and cooling that occurs in the core causes the magma from the mantle to rise near the surface of the earth. When it does force its way to the surface, it can cause earthquakes and form volcanoes.


Jordan said...

My Reflection:

I can make my story by adding interesting words to my sentences.
I need to speak louder.


Jordan said...

My Reflection:

I can make my story better by adding more interesting words.

I need to speak louder.


mum said...

good work jordan

Heremaia said...

Hi Heremaia here from room 14 toma's brother.The pitcher you have drawn is so cool but it will be better if you added a spach to it.

Vivienne said...

Hi Jordan
I like your picture of inside the Earth. That was interesting. Keep up the great work.