Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mysterious Black Boxes From Out Of Space

Johnlee shares his writting test based on an experience involving mysterious black boxes from out of space!

I reached inside the mysterious black box. It felt like alien’s eyeball.

I was a expert scientist and Miss Burne was an astronaut. She brought two black boxes in my lab. It felt slippery and was alien’s food. Miss Burne opened it. It had yellow egg and broken egg.


Ms Burne said...

An alien's eyeball, that would be discusting!
What a great story Johnlee. You have told me lots of detail, I can really imagine what happened.

Very proud of you.

Room 9@Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Johnlee,
You've used some very interesting words and lots of detail in your writing. I like how you described what it felt like. I would've been too scared to put my hand in the bucket. Keep up the great writing.

From Miss Lavakula and Room 9