Monday, November 14, 2011

Elizabeth Becomes An Expert Scientist

Elizabeths Writing Test

Excitedly I reached into the mysterious black box. Miss Burne talked to us. She said to use our imaginations. Miss Burne came back with two mysterious black boxes. I was the expert scientist. Miss Burne was a visiting astronaut. I put my hand into the first box. It felt like alien’s eyeballs.

Then I felt the other mysterious black box. It felt like alien’s food. I said “yuck”. It felt uncomfortable.

I felt anxious, I felt scared too. We were in the imaginations room. It felt disgusting, mushy and lumpy.

The astronaut Miss Burne opened the mysterious black boxes. Inside there was food. It was a bad day.


ashley said...

Hi elizebath u
I like Your movei from ashley

Mubasshira said...

Hi Elizabeth,

What a lovely writing sample, I really enjoyed reading it. My favourite part of your writing is the 2nd and 3rd paragraph. I loved how you used a good variety of sentence lengths. It really made the writing to sound good. Anyways, keep up the amazing work.

Yours Sincerely,