Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marilyns End Of The Year Test

Marilyn recently had her end of year writing test. She is very proud of her story which she wrote all by herself. Miss Burne has typed it for the blog with no changes from the original.
Well done Marilyn, it is a wonderful story you should be proud.

Nervously Room Ten had to use our imaginations. We had to pretend that Miss Burne was a visiting astronaut. We were an expert scientist. Miss Burne said to used our imaginations and pretend that the classroom was a science lab.

Suddenly it was my turn. I had to find out what was in the mysterious black box. I reached inside the black box. I moved my fingers around. It felt mushy like an alien's brain. As I reached out my hand I said “Ewe'' . It was all red like blood.

Next we had to feel in the second black box. I put my hand inside. It felt sharp at the edge. “It’s slimy”. I lifted up my hand it was green.

It was time to find out what was in the mysterious black box. Inside the first one was beans. It was made from cracker, pasta and red food colouring. In the other black box was made from yello egg, egg shell, yoke of the egg and green food colouring. Was it really something from an alien?

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Ms Burne said...


you are becoming such an wonderful writer. I love how you have retold what happened in the right order and have used such descriptive words. You should be really proud of your story.