Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jalen Writes about Room 8 Going Swimming

On Friday we went to the swimming pool.
The swimming pool was warm.


Miss Burne said...

Jalen I love your picture of Room 8 swimming. I like your story too.

When you write your next story, your next step is to write one more sentence.You have some great ideas, I would love to read them.

Miss Burne

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Hi Jalen,
That's a great story that you have written about swimming. I really like your picture of the pools. What did you practise in the pools?

Miss Lavakula

Room 8 Super Stars said...

To Jalen,
We like your picture because it is neat and it is easy to tell what it is of. We have a pool at our school and it is fun.
From Ernie and Anetema in Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

Inez said...

Hi Jalen,
I love your picture, I can tell how many girls and boys there are in your class because your drawings of people are getting better and better every time. It looks like you and your classmates had lots of fun by the smiles on everyones faces.
Your story is great too. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures and stories on here. I'm sure your writing will get longer each time you write.

Keep up the good work Jalen!!!

Love mummy xox