Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rowana can record in imovie

Watch Rowana's imovie to hear what her learning goal is for 2010 and what her favourite fruit is.

Click here to see Rowana's work from 2009


Miss Burne said...

Hi Rowana

what a healthy girl you are liking apples. Perhaps you will be a lunch box hero soon.
Miss Burne

dad said...

hey princess..
just finish talking to your teacher. you doing really well at school dad n mum are proud of you so keep up the good work wana. love you have a good day at school...

Alicia said...


I love eating apples too. They are so delicious, and very good for you. I'm sure your excellent and writing stories already, but practicing does make us get better!!!!

Room16 said...

Hi Rowana,

What is the second thing that you
want to work on?
You look healhty saying you like apples.
Hope you make more movies .Fantastic!

From Tina

Donyae and othaniel said...

Hi Rowana you had a clear voice and we like apple's too.

Rowana said...

Hi Dad

I love you.