Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to Room 8 Jordan

Jordan is back from his holiday in Australia and has made a great start to the year.
He has recorded this himself in imovie. This is the first time he has used imovie and he has done a great job in recording what he likes and what his learning goal is.


Miss Burne said...

Welcome to Room 8 Jordon. You have had a fabulous first day! What a great job you have done at recording yourself in imovie. What a pro!
Did you know that I like drawing too?
Miss Burne

vivienne said...

Hi Jordan,
I really like the way you were speaking clearly. What are you working on now? Great job.I thought it was great because you used clear sentence. Well done keep up the great work.

by Vivienne

Anonymous said...

well done jordan...keep up the good work

love mum

Jordan said...

Thank you mum for the comment

Mum said...

hey jordan, keep up the good work and dont give up no matter what.

cheers and much love

Jordan said...

My reflection

The think I did not like about my movie is that I did not use good expression. I can make a huge improvement by speaking clearly and speaking up.