Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chyna Loves Popping Bubbles

The bubbles were big and Room 8 were popping them.
The kids went to pop them. Water went on my face when we popped them.


Miss Burne said...


I love your picture. I really like how you put a hint of purple in your bubbles, very clever. Did you know I like to draw as well?
Keep up the good work.

Miss Burne

Miss Walker said...

Hi Chyna, I love your picture. I love blowing bubbles too. I like it when you can see the rainbow colours on the bubbles.
You are a great artist. I can't wait to see your next picture on the blog.

Donyae and Makalita said...

I like blowing big bubbles too.I think your picture is nice and awesome because you drew a reflection
by Donyae and Makalita.

Chyna said...

Hi Miss Walker,
Thank you for writing the comment to me. I like it because it is cool.

Miss Walker said...

Hi Chyna, You have made my day, writing to me. Thank you so much.
I hope you have a great day.