Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Room Ten's Film Festival Movie

It is that time again...  the Manaiakalani film festival at Sylvia Park!

Room Ten set themselves a challenge this year to try new things with green screen and imovie.
A team of children have worked, problem solved on a regular basis to create the following movie. Our goal was to create an effect where a student (Suli) could be the head of a cartoon character.  Our main character finds himeself in a tricky situation, trapped in a colouring book. Our movie is not perfect, but we learnt a lot and we really enjoyed ourselves making it.

Well done to our actors, Suli, Alice, Lukis and Venetia.
A great job from our animators Waimaria, Adam, Paris, Zack, Adriel, Elizabeth, Toma.
Big thanks to our clever thinkers Dartanian, Taunese, Suli who helped with the problem solving and planned the script.

We hope you enjoy it! Please leave us a comment - we love your feedback.

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Wesley said...

Hi Room 10
I liked your movie. Suli looked cool.

From Wesley

Room 9@Pt England School said...

Hi Room 10,
What a fantastic movie!! I loved all the animations and graphics, they were amazing. Well done to Suli and Alice on their brilliant acting too. You and your teacher are an amazing and talented bunch.

From Miss Lavakula

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 10

Your movie is cool. I liked your story's plot and your graphics are excellent. I would like to learn how to use green screen too it looks tricky.

From Ms Mackinlay

Osana said...

Hi Rm10,

I loved this movie even though I didn't get to see it on the big screen at the film festival. Anyway clever green screen and great acting. Great acting Venetia, Lukis, Alice and Suli. Keep up the amazing and wonderful movie work!

Miss K said...

Room 10! Your movie really made me smile. I do love the idea of being able to imagine away my annoying brother!
Your use of green screen was very clever - well done Miss Burne for figuring that tricky effect out!
Suli and Alice - you presented so well at the festival, I was very proud of you.
Well done Room 10
Miss King

Shyla and Sulieti said...

hi room 10 i like your cool movie . My favourite part was
when suli turn into a spirder .grat work room 10.

by sulieti and shyla

adriel said...

Hi room 10
what a great film fest movie we did.
We worked as a team and got it finished it intime.what a great team we are.

from adriel

waimaria said...

hi room 10 our movie was so cool and i love our movie because alice and suill spoke in a clear voice.I went to the cool Manaiakalani film festival at Sylvia Park do you didi you kown it was so cool.Keep up our gret work and i look forward to your next post.Well done.

Amber said...

Hi Room 10,

I liked your Film Festival video because it was funny and very talented. I Loved your acting! My brother should get this .-. My brother's mean to me sometimes... So I really wish this could happen but thanks for sharing your talented video- Search more at I look forward to your next post :]

From Amber

Lose M said...

Kia Ora Room 10

I was so amazed at how creative you are and you are really good at acting in the movies. I hope you can keep on practicing till perfect, well Done.

Lose- Room 6 Saint Pius

Chrissie Butler said...

Kia ora Room 10.

Wow what a stunning story. I loved the way you built it up and introduced each character. You tied everything together really well too.

I also liked the way Suli acted behind each animation. Great facial expressions, Suli. And if you were an animator, congratulations on the design of each character and the engaging backgrounds.

I am going to share your story with all my friends in different parts of the world. Thank you for making the effort to put your story online.

Ngā mihi
Chrissie Butler

National Facilitator CORE Education

loseli said...

hi room10 i like your movie because alice colcouring a photo it made me laugh .i am going to see your other post.

Ms Gaynor said...

Kia Ora Room 10!

I am SOOO impressed by this movie! I watched it as a break from my studying for final exams and I am amazed by the graphics, acting, and sounds! You all clearly put a lot of work into this film! I can also tell that you have learned so much since I left you in June, well done!

I miss all my New Zealand friends in Room 10. America just is not as fun as being in your classroom was. I am so happy to see you all doing so well. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Gaynor, your American teacher :)

Radha Moopanar said...

Hi Room 10. I really enjoyed watching your movie. I would like to make a movie like this with my class.