Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fireworks by Waimaria

On Monday I  asked my mum and Robbie if we could have fireworks.  Me, my Mum ,Tanisha went to the shop which had fireworks in it. My mum said we can get it if it was $25. It was and my mum said yes. Then we went home. When we  went home I asked Robbie if we can do fireworks now, but he said no.

Tanisha said "we want fireworks too". When we went to the shop Tanisha  went in the shop to see what was inside. Tansiha said "mum you have to come and see, there is fireworks there as well". She said "lets buy it" . "OK"  said my mum.

When it was night  Robbie said you can do it now ok. My mum said yes we can do it now. I was so happy. I wish we can do it again. It was so so cool. I loved Monday.

(Waimaria wrote this independently on the ipad in free time and has found this photo via

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Miss Burne said...

Waimaria, what a surprise it was to see this story in my inbox ready to post online!

You have written a wonderful story. It has a sequence and you have tried to show when people are speaking by using speach marks.

Well done.
I look forward to your next story.

Miss Burne