Monday, November 26, 2012

Guy Fawkes By Alice

On a Monday there was a cold blue sky at night. When the star's shone bright blue my family and I lit firework's.

 Lifting up their brown hand's, my family pulled out fireworks from a box. Mum was so excited she jumped up with laughter, my sister jumped up too and danced around like a clown. The little children had sparkler's, it was fun to draw our names in the air.

The first firework was colourful, it was red, pink, green and blue, it exploded in the sky, “BOOM”! When that fireworks finished we got the second firework out,  it was could Zombie Dombie. My oldest brother held the long stick while my other brother lit the fireworks. It looked like a sparkling yellow star.

 As I  walked inside my house I heard a loud noise so I ran outside and I saw firework’s  popping out of a bottle. I screamed ‘Arggh’  because I was frightened.

My cousin’s ,Uncle’s and Auntie’s came to join the celebrations. That’s when it was extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra fun! My mum said in Samoan’’ok, well now that the children are here we have to give them sparkler’s’. We gave them sparkler’s than the adult’s did the big fireworks.  Soon it was all over and everyone went home. My mum said in Samoan’’ Goodbye’‘ and we went inside to sleep. As I pulled the covers up to my chin I imagined colourful, beautiful, sparking fireworks. I could not wait for next year.

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Miss Burne said...


I really like you story and how you took your time to edit and add more detail to your story.

Well done