Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alizhay's First Movie

Alizhay is new to Pt England. Welcome Alazhay!

She has made lot's of new friends and has been learning how to use the ipad to make movies.

This is the first movie she has made which shows a jumping bunny that we made as part of our inquiry topic.  Well done Alizhay, you are very clever.


Miss Burne said...

Welcome to Pt England Alizhay, it is lovely to have you in our class.

You are very clever recording your first movie. It looked like a lot of fun playing with the jumping rabbits.

We look forward to your next post.

waimaria said...

Hi Alizhay you are so good taking moivs on our i pod.You are so lovely .Keep up the lovely work.You are so good at working on the ipod.Welcome to Pt England Alizhay.Well done keep up the cool work on the i pod bey.

love waimaria

Amber said...

Hi Alizhay,
What an amazing movie you have first made in our classroom. It's nice to have you in our classroom. We love you being here at pt england school. I will always be your best friend forever, because your the awesomest friend ever! Have fun and enjoy Pt England School :]

From Your Best Friend: Amber :p

adriel said...

Hi Alizhay
We are so lucky to have another year 4 that is so kind to other people
and so cute.You are so smart using
the Ipad even though it was your second week.Maybe when you are a year
5 you can make your own movie with a freind.Enjoy the rest of pt england.

From Adriel