Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paris and Liz Write together

I sunk into the deep muddy mud it was like quick sand pulling me down. My shoe got lost in the mud so I had to look for it. It was the Pt England School cross country at the Pt England Reserve.

We gathered together outside Mr Barks room. Then we met Mr Burt and we walked on the track. Mr Burt told the girls to line up. The nine year olds had to run through the bush walk. I fell down and neally fell in the creek and I was crying but a teacher helped me up.When I fell down I was running so fast I run like a cheetar.

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Miss Burne said...

Paris and Liz,

you have worked well on this story together. You have demonstrated great teamwork and have produced a detailed story about cross country.

Well done girls.