Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Magical Bubble Cone

I dipped my magical cone into the slimy liquid it looked so disgusting. The adventurous children of room ten made wonderful bubble blowers.We were having fun in the sweet smelling classroom and it was Miss Szymaniks first day.

First we watched a clip on YouTube on the big projecter then we followed the instructions. We created a fantastic bubble blower cone.


alice said...

Wow Room Ten you did have fun I just wish if I was there it look's like fun as I look at the picture.From Alice.

room18 said...

Awesome guys, we're going to try making these too.

Anonymous said...

Wow room 10 I liked your large bubble you made I would love to Make huge bubbles with my class and share them with you. MS Crossley Whau Valley School Room6