Friday, September 28, 2012

Meeting Ruben Paterson

Paris and Dartanian have made a movie about their trip into the city where they went to the opening of Ruben Paterson's new exhibition.


Miss Burne said...

Dartanian and Paris,
you have made a great movie about our trip into the city. I like how you retold what happened in order and how you thought of clever titles to go with each slide in your movie.

Well done, I look forward to your next movie.

Rueben Paterson said...

Dear Wendy, Paris and Dartanian, and all of Room 10.

It was my pleasure to have you along to the exhibition, and I am so happy you had an amazing time.

Thank you for your lovely card also. I have it pinned to my wall because I like it so much!

On Saturday the exhibition finished, I can't believe how fast it has gone
I hope I can exhibit the bear and the panther in another exhibition in wellington next year - yes... I even have exhibitions planned for 2013!

I really loved your video diary of the day, and I wish I had gone with you to get ice-cream afterwards.
I would have got a caramel sundae - but I would have sprinkled some glitter on the top!
There is a special glitter you can eat - I once bought some to put on top of my friends birthday cake and had to have it sent all the way from America!

I really liked what you wrote about the exhibition Dartanian - you write really well, with awesome describing words.

You know what Room 10 - I think you are very lucky to have a teacher that cares so much for you that she will even take you to see an exhibition in town, and then even take you for ice cream!

I think you are very lucky!
Maybe you should give your teacher a hug!

Much love from me - and keep on glittering!!!!

alice said...

Hi Paris and Dartainian WoW that was funn it was like I was in the movie, I think you are really lucky because Miss Burne took you to Wendy's.from Alice.

Nikita said...

Hi Tan,

I really loved it so much.I even saw you eat ice-cream at wendys.You are so cute little brother.

Love you sonnie boy xoxoxoxo

From Mele,Mum,Tyson,Dad and Nik