Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dartanian and Paris Meet Ruben Paterson

On Tuesday the 4th of September Dartanian and Paris attended the opening of Ruben Paterson. Dartanian has written abou the night. A movie will be posted soon that both Paris and Dartanian have made about their exciting night.

Miss Burne drove us in a maroon car to the city. Paris and I played a game with Miss Burne as we had to spot the sky tower. Each time we found the sky tower we scored one hundred points. We parked the car and Paris and I walked around the city and took photos of the sky tower.

As we walk into the Gow Langsford Gallery, Paris and I spotted Rueben Paterson.Rueben Paterson was in his  black  tuxedo and a black vest, he looked important. He was surrounded by people talking to him and looking at his amazing artwork.  David the bear was carved in polystyrene, he was huge and when we felt small like mice. There was a painting  of road kill , it was a deer and on its leg there was a Get well balloon. I think Rueben uses the balloon because it was a dead deer. On another wall we saw an art work which was black,white, red  and coved in glitter. Guess what  Paris and I saw this art work on google before we went to the exhibition . My favourite art work was the glittery black puma. We were exited to see Ruben Patterson . When we meet him he was kind to us because he took a photo with me and Paris.


Miss Burne said...

Well done Dartanian,

this is an excellent recount of your trip to Rueben's exhibition. You have painted an effective picture with your words.

I am glad you enjoyed it so much.
Thanks for coming with me.

adriel said...

wow Dartainoin

You have made an a amazing recount
of you and Paris going to
the art gallery to meet Ruben was really good.

from adriel

Anonymous said...

Wow son I guess you really did enjoy going to the art galley and meeting reuben patterson, because you wouldnt stop talking about it, even when you were asleep. But I am so glad that you got the chance to meet such a talented artist and then have a very detailed recollection on everything you had done on that special night. Well Done baby. Love Mum