Friday, August 24, 2012

Paris and Liz work together!

I sunk into the deep muddy mud it was like quick sand pulling me down. My shoe got lost in the mud so I had to look for it. It was Pt England School cross country day, it was at the Pt England Reserve for the nine year olds. We were running out of breath.

We gathered together outside Mr Barks room. Then we met Mr Burt and we walked to the track.Then Mr Burt told the girls to line up, I felt nervous it was like butterflies were in my tummy.

Nine year olds had to run through the bush walk. I fell down and neally fell in the creek and I was crying, but a teacher helped me up. When I fell down I was running so fast I run like a cheetar. As I came to the finish line I heard Mr J speaking on the microphone, he was encouraging us to keep on running.I was so glad I made it.


Miss Burne said...

Paris and Liz,

I am very impressed how well you work together to write a story. Fantastic team work. I like how you work together to come up with ideas, share the typing on the ipad and edit your work together.

What a great team.

Dorothy said...

And I liked how you described the cross country. I have often jogged through that bush walk with my dog and I could imagine it in my head from your description.

I am proud of you for keeping on going.

Mtrs Burt