Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amber Writes About Cross Country

Amber writes on the ipad about the school cross country

It was a beautiful sunny day for the cross country race, I looked down at my feet they were covered in mud like cowpat. It felt really sqeashy. It dripped down my legs it felt tickley.

We gathered on the black hard court and waited for the race to begin. I felt excited because I was goning to go as fast as a Lamborghini. When the race began, Mr Jacobsen
Said ''Go" to the 5yr old girls and boys.I saw them run as fast as a Lamborghini.

When I was running I fell over but I got up and started running again to get to the finish line first. I had lots of fun playing in the mud when I was doing cross country. I saw the mud at the finish line I was about to fall over.

When I got to the finish line I saw people watching who comes first.When I got the finish line they were cheering for me and I was so proud they were shouting ''GO YOU CAN DO IT".I was smiling because of them cheering at me.The finish had two cones and a line with mud at the end the mud really looked like cow poo ''EWWW". As I saw the finish line in sight I sped up and the crowd cheered for joy as I dropped down I exhaustion. I fell and caught my breath while I was on the ground. As I cached my breath I saw my Mum at waiting and she said ''Well Done". I came 4th place. I was so exhausted that my Mum gave me a drink.

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patricia machelle said...

Hi room 10 it me Patricia and Machelle we love the way Amber was holding the Ipad we love the story about cross country.

by patricia and machelle.