Monday, August 20, 2012

Amber and Toma write about Valarie Adams

Valarie Adams won a silver medal in shot put and came second place because she stepped out of the circle but Nadzeya Ostapchuk did'nt step out of the circle.

Valarie Adams is 27 years old world champion in the London olympic 3 Times. She had three no throws, but had powerfull throws because of her strong arms, they were always over 20meters.Valarie adams was so sad because she is no longer the world champion in the hole world she was no longer the best.In the next olympic she is going to come first.

We feel sorry for Valarie Adams.

It was Day ten of the olympics and it was announced that Opstachuck had been taking drugs to make her stronger. Nadzeya opstachuck was discalfid. Then Valarie Adams had won a gold medal in shot put.

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Room 3 said...

Hi Toma and Amber, we really enjoyed reading your story about Valerie Adams. You put a lot of detail into your story. We are sooo happy that she got the gold medal in the end! Keep up writing such interesting stories, we enjoy reading them! By Room 3