Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sean Discovers Some New Words.

Sean has been learning how to use the resources in Room 10 to help him with his writing.
The following story is one he has made with the help of the feeling word cards.

Click here to see Sean's work from 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean.

Your too brave to be scared of the dark. Maybe next time ask mum or dad for a torch or night light next to your bed? I get scared when I hear funny noses outside my back door..and guess what, was the neighbours cat. Silly cat. hehe

S Creedy said...

Hi Sean
What a great resource those word cards are. I got scared this weekend when my husband was away but it was only the wind...Phew.
Great story with very interesting words.

Anonymous said...

You are a brave little boy. My son would not go in the dark. He has a Ben 10 torch which he uses when he is scared. I love the chart that are holding. It has lots of meaningful words that we use everyday in our lives

Anonymous said...

You are brave son. You are no longer afraid of the dark. You get up in the middle of the night all by yourself now and go to the bathroom without turning the light on.