Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project Runway Room Ten Style!

To inspire us for writing Room 10 decided to have a fashion show.
We were very creative in our outfits and had a lot of fun on the runway.
Check out our movie to see how much we enjoyed ourselves.

Keep checking our blog as we will be posting our Fashion show stories soon.

Who would you have voted for?


Miss Burne said...

Room 10 you are so amazing and creative.
I really enjoyed our fashion show and I am looking forward to reading your stories.

Roquia said...

Hi room 10,
That was a very funny fashion show and I really love it and I also loved the song.
From Roquia

Anthia said...

Hi Room 10,

that was a really funny fashion show that you did. It was really cool that you put it on. i also loved that song that you guys did.
From Anthia.

Anonymous said...

hi room ten I like cllio and lacy you to look cool. fomr elizabeth g

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 10
I really liked your movie,
it was fantastic.

From Emanuelle
At Pt England.

Anonymous said...

Wow room 10, what a creative group you are. I loved to hear you all so happy and enjoying yourselves. I am learning to be a teacher and hope one day soon to teach a classroom full of students as talented and fun as you are.
Keep up the great work!!

danigirl said...

Good work room 10! we really enjoyed watching your project runway video! :)
Great job with the fabulous outfits!
we are a group of student teachers and are excited to one day have our own class!

danigirl said...

good work room 10! we really enjoyed your fabulous outfits and video! we are a group of student teachers and are excited to one day have our own class!

Anonymous said... guys are awesome! I love hearing your giggles... this tells me you all had lots of fun! Its hard to get up in front of your mates but all the models did a fabulous job! Your costumes were lovely and bright and you are all so gorgeous! Well done Room 10!